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Ep 1 – Seven month Pregnant


Ep 2 – Did you ever think me


Ep 3 – The scared little guy


Ep 4 – Little guy needs help


Ep 5 – Little Ben bring help


Ep 6 – Lewis Corporation’s heir


Ep 7 – The Offer


Ep 8 – Proving my Sexuality


Ep 9 – The Role is Yours


Ep 10 – Ben’s own little


Ep 11 – Mr. Lewis and Little Ben Pay a Visit


Ep 12- Sleepless Night and Conversation


Ep 13- natalie’s magic


Ep 14- Ben’s Disastrous Tantrums

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Ep 15- Living Together


Ep 16-The Immediate Ceremony


Ep 17-The opening Ceremony


Ep 18-You Can’t be a part of this film


Ep 19-A bad end to the day


Ep 20-Oh,My Darling


Ep 21-Irresistible Attraction


Ep 22-The Unknown Sponsor


Ep 23-The Fan Club Is Growing


Ep 24-Exes are Always Unwelcome


Ep 25-Making Things Difficult For Her

Ep 26-It Doesn’t Come so Easy


Ep 27-A Friend at the Airport


Ep 28-Guest Or Ghost


Ep 29-You Two Know Each Other


Ep 30-The Second Male Lead


Ep 31-The Deal has Been Sealed


Ep 32-The Beauty Trap


Ep 33-What Is the Connection


Ep 34-The Proposed Outing


Ep 35-Dreaming or not Dreaming


Ep 36-Unending Drama


Ep 37-Maria Tastes Her own Medicine

You should Help me also for my Hard Work  (if you Don’t know “How can you Help me” please ask by Comment)

Ep 38-A Lesson Well Learnt


Ep 39-Dinner Night at Matthew’s Place


Ep 40-What are his intentions


Ep 41-Maria’s Retirement From the Industry


Ep 42-Well Hello!Miss Brown(1)


Ep 43-Why are you so Gentle


Ep 44-Why Don’t You Believe Me Natalie


Ep 45-The First Time Kissing Scene


Ep 46-The Scene is Disrupted


Ep 47-How Many Point For Me


Ep 48-Come Home Son!


Ep 49-I will do Whatever you want!


Ep 50-Now Is the Time


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