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Ep 1 – The Shocking Reality


Ep 2 – Teaching the Cheating Couple A Lesson


Ep 3 – Attention Seeker


Ep 4 – A Secret Marriage !


Ep 5 – Romantic First Night


Ep 6 – Getting Back to The Top


Ep 7 – Ruthless Ex-Fiancee


Ep 8 – A Surprise


Ep 9 – You Don’t Deserve An Apology


Ep 10 – A Star is Reborn


Ep 11 – Too Much Hate


Ep 12 – A Mastermind


Ep 13 – Swapping Positions


Ep 14 – Show Time


Ep 15 – A Stupid Model In Action


Ep 16 – Give The Thief It’s Belongings


Ep 17 – The Viral Video Surprise


Ep 18 – A War Won


Ep 19 – Let’s Get Married


Ep 20 – The Choice of The Cruel One


Ep 21 – New Manager-Ashley


Ep 22 – I Don’t Bite


Ep 23 – Where Has She Been All This While


Ep 24- Emma’s Good Days Have Finally Started


Ep 25- Spoilt With Love


Ep 26- You Haven’t Seen A Real Attack Yet


Ep 27- Comeback Time


Ep 28- Precious Wife


Ep 29- Leave TheEntertainment Industry


Ep 30- Sharing The Spotlight With Amber


Ep 31- What a Present!


Ep 32- The Real Fight


Ep 33- The First Class


Ep 34- Unworty Opponent


Ep 35- Mia’s Real Face


Ep 36-Family Time


Ep 37-Control Freak


Ep 38- Bye Bye


Ep 39-The Tables Have Turned


Ep 40-You Get what You Deserve


Ep 41-Negotiation


Ep 42-Voicng The opinion


Ep 43-OverConfidence Kills


Ep 44-Insurance Time


Ep 45-A Real Player


Ep 46-Exploiting Emma Again


Ep 47-Oriental Beauty


Ep 48-Covering The Magazine Cove Together


Ep 49 – Who’s The Real Model Now?


Ep 50 – I am Yours Only!


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