Full Audio Book CUPID’S CURSE of Pocket FM

Full Audio Book CUPID’S CURSE of Pocket FM

Hi guys today i come with Full Audio Book CUPID’S CURSE of Pocket FM, after read this article you will able to get free all episodes of very popular story of Pocket FM “CUPID’S CURSE Audio Book” and Save your ($14.99)Rs.399/- per Month, Even you will get full Access and without any Add. So please follow the process Given Below.


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Full Audio Book CUPID’S CURSE of Pocket FM :

I’ll provide you all(1st to till) Episodes Link of “CUPID’S CURSE of Pocket FM” you can Listen any Episode/Chapter very easily no need to pay a single coin. That mean you can say simply without paying $14.99/month charge of Pocket FM monthly plan, fully Enjoy the Story……..Free Free Free

Process :

  • You will found Link below for Chapters/Episodes
  • First you need Uninstall your current Pocket FM app(if there)
  • Then you need to Download Edited app given below



  • After Download
  • Than Install & Open the app
  • No need to SignUp or SignIn
  • Congratulations you get free “Unlimited free Coins
  • Now you can Listen any Episodes by click on “Link given below
  • For step by steps Live process video watch from Below


All Episodes of “Full Audio Book CUPID’S CURSE of Pocket FM” Links Given below :

Just you need to “Click” below after every episodes, from Episode 1 to till :

Note: After Every click you need to open with Browser then press “Ok”


Ep 1 – Let you have a condition


Ep 2 – self-propelled


Ep 3 – Think he is a pervert


Ep 4 – Eat a meal with him


Ep 5 – underestimate her


For remaining episodes click below on” Episodes” to Continue all Chapters/Episodes



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Full Audio Book CUPID’S CURSE of Pocket FM : 

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  • Open YouTube
  • Search : Full Audio Book CUPID’S CURSE of Pocket FM
  • Than found : Full Audio Book CUPID’S CURSE of Pocket FM
  • Note : If you not found then Search : Full Audio Book CUPID’S CURSE of Pocket FM all Chapters.

I hope you enjoy my post, if you have any doubt please comment below and ask your quires, and for latest update please join my Telegram Channel click

113 thoughts on “Full Audio Book CUPID’S CURSE of Pocket FM

    1. Insta Millionaire Links are updated from Episodes 251 to 260. all episodes updated very soon, Go and Recheck and reply me…………Enjoy.

      1. Thanks
        I need help i can’t listen to any episode.
        whenever i tap on the episode number the application opens but the episode never starts? why? not only the episodes of Cupid’s curse but all the stories episodes aren’t working. So what shall i do?

        1. Hello,
          Pls need help after listening to episode 40, i cannot continue. I click on the episodes and nothing happens

          1. Hi
            I’m unable to open the file after episode 40 of Cupid’s curse, pls pls help me fix it, and I was wondering have you heard of CEO’s fearless wife, if so and if there’s any possibility you have the episodes of them, I would really appreciate if you could post it or email me.
            Thank you

  1. I too am not able to make contact with the episodes,despite clicking and awaiting the downloads, nothing happens. It’s s been three days. What’s wrong? how do I fix this. This is for all the audio stories not only this one.Please help and say how I can fix this

  2. Pleaseeeee HELP HELP HELP😭😭😭 CUPID’S CURSE episodes from 76 aren’t opening??? HELP HELP HELP

  3. Good day. While you resolve Cupid’s Curse can you also resolve Love Contact and Love Locked and Loaded please i cant get from episodes 42.

  4. It has been almost two weeks and I am still unable to hear from episodes 22 and up
    I hope the problem is not on my end

    I also have the same situation with us before me
    The untraceable b
    Love the way you lie
    From strangers to soulmates
    Please please help

  5. Hello sthelp
    I am still unable to move from episode 21bin Cupid’s curse
    Episodes 22 and up just don’t open

    I click and nothing happens.
    I will appreciate your help in fixing this.

  6. Thank you for the uploaded episodes!!!
    🤩🤩🤩 considering episode 101 it is not opening, instead episode 100 is opening
    waiting for more uploads 😍😍😍 thank you !!!

  7. Can you please post more episodes of Cupids Curse and Little Miss Caroline. I still can’t access Billionaires Hired Wife from episode 32 and Love contract from episode 43. Please help

        1. Hey were you able to get help or figure it out, I’m having the same problem right now and I don’t know what else to do, if so girl pls help.

          1. I’m sorry to bother you but I swear it doesn’t work, I have been trying since yesterday, I went through all your help comments and it didn’t work either. Pls pls

    1. No, you no need to open several times “i already mention”……….you should recheck after every 4hrs. Because of i updated/added 5 episodes on Daily basis.

  8. I am super happy with your services😍 so how shall i help you 😁? episode 194 and 195 has mentioned that you need help and they didn’t open? so how can i help?

  9. Hello. I have downloaded the recommended version of pocket fm to be able to listen to cupid’s curse all episodes but it seems the episodes are locked. I have reached to episode 260 by listening to them from this site and i am stuck cannot continue neither from here or from pocket fm.
    Please help

    1. No need to panic, just follow the steps first click after that open a new page than again “Click” than Start playing(on third page).

      I will added Daily 5-10 chapters.

      1. Really thank you so much for your effort and kindness. Can’t wait for the updates( Cupid’s curse and Billionaire contracted wife)

  10. I know this is for the audio but does anyone have the ebook version of Cupid’s Curse? If so how can I get it also. I know it’s on pocked fm but I am on Chapter 116 on listerning and I don’t want to wait. I just want to read it….. you have to buy all previous chapters on pocket. So if anyone has the reading version can you please 🙏 share. Thank you

  11. Hello,
    Thank you so much for your effot. Please can you upload episodes 491 and the rest. Cupid’s curse has more than 600 episodes.
    Please can you upload also if it possible The wife of a wheelchair episodes.

  12. ST Help, could you please rectify episodes 536 onwards of cupid’s curse, they are from another book.

    1. Please help me by: Do you know very well a any content writer, How can earn (So please Daily 4-5) i know you are very intelligent so you are understand. and remember after click you should wait 50-60sec, if you are not understand/still any doubt please reply.

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