Saving Nora Full Audio Book of Pocket FM

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Saving Nora Full Audio Book of Pocket FM

Saving Nora Full Audio Book of Pocket FM


Listen all Chapter’s FREE of Saving Nora Full Audio Book : Hi guys today i come with Saving Nora Full Audio Book of Pocket FM, after read this article you will able to get free all episodes of very popular story of Pocket FM “Saving Nora Full Audio Book” and Save your ($14.99)Rs.399/- per Month, Even you will get full Access and without any Add. So please follow the process Given Below.


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Saving Nora Full Audio Book of Pocket FM :

I’ll provide you all(1st to till) Episodes Link of “Saving Nora Full Audio Book” you can Listen any Episode/Chapter very easily no need to pay a single coin. That mean you can say simply without paying $14.99/month charge of Pocket FM monthly plan, fully Enjoy the Story……..Free Free Free

Process :

  • You will found Link below for Chapters/Episodes
  • First you need Uninstall your current Pocket FM app(if there)
  • Then you need to Download Edited app given below



  • After Download
  • Than Install & Open the app
  • No need to SignUp or SignIn
  • Congratulations you get free “Unlimited free Coins
  • Now you can Listen any Episodes by click on “Link given below
  • For step by steps Live process video watch from Below


All Episodes of “Saving Nora Full Audio Book” Links below :

Just you need to “Click” below after every episodes, from Episode 1 to till :

Note: After Every click you need to open with Browser then press “Ok”

Ep 1 – A Stunning Recovery

Ep 2 – Mistaken Recovery

Ep 3 – An Unhappy Reunion

Ep 4 – Two Man searching for A Woman

Ep 5 – Half Truths











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For Step by Steps Live Video : 

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Also Read : Insta Millionaire Audio Book

  • Open YouTube
  • Search : Saving Nora Full Audio Book of Pocket FM
  • Than found : Saving Nora Full Audio Book of Pocket FM
  • Note : If you not found then Search : Saving Nora Full Audio Book of Pocket FM ST Help

I hope you enjoy my post, if you have any doubt please comment below and ask your quires, and for latest update please join my Telegram Channel click

After Click on Ads Please Complete the Action

689 thoughts on “Saving Nora Full Audio Book of Pocket FM

      1. do i need to download that apps? if that’s the case i dont really think so i could. my gadget has low memory to download another apps.

  1. Love, love, love this story. The chapters are not coming fast enough. lol… Waiting on 160 onward. 🙂

    1. Please upload the next episode. I have been regular in supporting you. In fact I am grateful for your help. Thank you

  2. I already joined the telegram channel….can you release the remaining episodes from 140 onwards?

    1. I helped you out twice this morning at my doctor’s appointment and just now. I had downloaded chapter 220 as well. Also I downloaded 221, 222, 223, 224, so I’m caught up. Thanks again for all you do.

    1. After Ep-40. You need to Click than open another page, than again click on “Click” after that start Playing. Don’t worry, definitely you will listen all Episodes FREE. I am here for Help you only.

    2. U have to hold the episode number so it comes up a little list click on “open in new tab” then scroll down until it says “next episode in … seconds” when seconds countdown it says “click” in a green box click That and it opens another new page that looks the same scroll down again until it says “next episode in … seconds” when the countdown finishes again it changes to a green box saying “click” click that again and it takes u to the episode. I’m on episode 45 now and had to do that on them all past 40 so far hope this helps Xx

    1. Yes I am clicking on the click, not sure what else to do the bitly url just takes to a telegram ad page. Please unlock after 184.

    1. If you don’t know already chapter 261 is a repeat of 260. I finished chapter 264. I also helped you out. Have a good day.

  3. Hello,
    I love the audio book, Can you please download more episodes after 186, please?
    Thanks so much

    1. ???
      When will 190 till be available????
      Your doing a good job but I do as asked….been a while 🙁

  4. I’m ready for episodes 200+. Please add the new episodes. I’ve tried to help you, but I get a message about the link not being valid. What should I do?

    1. Once I downloaded and set up the Telegram app, I was able to see the directions. I have now clicked on a couple of different ads and spent several minutes exploring their websites. Is there anything else I need to do? I understand I need to do this once per hour.

  5. Have been “Clicking to help” all day again today. I’m hooked On this story so lm really grateful for ur hard work and time putting these on here for free. The 2 mins it takes to click is the least I (we) can do to show appreciation. I have finished all the episodes now please can you upload 195+ feels like torture having to wait to find out what happens 🙈 Xx

      1. Yes I have been doing it regularly over the last few days. Wasn’t every hour exact but I did it quite a few times the last few days. Some was closers than an hour apart and some a bit further than an hour apart hope this is ok? I’ve done it twice already this morning. Really hope I’m clicking the right adds both times I done it Today I’ve clicked both the ads on the page and scrolled through them both just incase it was the wrong one as 1 was a Havanas shop and the other was to set up crome so was unsure what one as u said in the msg on telegram not the ones where you have to click buy. Please do let me know if I’m doing it wrong Xx

          1. Good that’s what I have been doing multiple times a day sometimes it’s more than an hour some times it’s less than an hour. I’ve listened to the next few u added Can I have episodes 201+ please Xx

  6. How much will I have to pay to get through this book? I’m beginning to feel like I’m being ripped off. The book is addictive.

  7. for Next Episode
    195 till
    Great full for your hard work but seems it takes longer now for you to unlock. Been waiting a while now

  8. for Next Episode
    201 till plz….
    Really like this book
    Your doing a great job
    Just hope don’t have to wait so long for the next release

    1. You only released 4 not 5 as you had stopped the last one mid track.
      Other note you are doing a great job.
      Till release 205 till is done
      Clicking every hour….hope it won’t be a long wait

  9. So I have helped and got the next chapters but I keep losing the way to go back to the comments. I’m on chapter 204, do you know if your updated past that?

  10. Please add more than 5 episodes in a day. We are doing the clicks you requested. Even pocket fm releases 7 episode in a day.

  11. Hi, please upload 215++ . Have been doing the clicks you asked for, please upload at least 20 episodes in day don’t stop for 5 or 10 episodes it feels like a long wait..

  12. “How can you Help me……I do as requested

    For Next episodes 215 till plz

    The book is really good but with all these long breaks you have now it kills the best effect of the story

    But you are doing a good job

  13. I did 3 clicks, two last night and one this morning. I’m on 214, you are doing us a really great thing Pocket FM is really expensive. Thank you a million times.

  14. I’m on 219 I did a click for the last five, thank you again, I’m going to bed it’s 10:36 pm where I am.

    1. Thank you. Looking forward to you adding 224+ Already it’s so hard to have to wait for them I could easily spend the whole day with my headphones in listening to 1 after the other. Yep helping regularly not every hour exact but I do it daily all thought the day 😊. Does it help if I do a few clicks in the same hour? Xx

    1. Episodes 230+ please clicking regularly. please upload more episodes at a time it’s so horrible having to wait to find out what happens next Xx

  15. Please add more episodes per day,.. it’s so frustrating to wait for every 5 episodes, we are doing the click as you requested so please upload the episodes more often.. thank you for your hard work. 225++ please

  16. 225 till

    How long till next release

    This is such a good part of the book and suspense sucks to wait so long

    Your doing a great job but 5 episode release every 12 hours would be nice while we keep the clicking going to help you cause it is frustrating not knowing when you will release next set

  17. Episodes 230+ please clicking regularly. please upload more episodes at a time it’s so horrible having to wait to find out what happens next Xx

  18. Hi,
    This audiobook it’s so interesting, please episodes 230 till, thanks for your great work 🙂

      1. I click every hour

        Please check 233 It sends back to the main page.

        Your doing a great job. Hooked on this book and appreciate all you do.

  19. tq for put up the great novel. just to inforn that the 133 chapter is not there. please take α look. tq

    1. Thanks for your Help, But……..I want to tell you something only 5-6 people are Help me. So, please ask to all visitors for Help me by your end.

    1. Thank you so much for the effort and hardwork that you are doing.may l please have have episodes 265 till.

      1. ( After Ep-40. You need to Click than open another page, than again click on “Click” after that start Playing. Don’t worry, definitely you will listen all Episodes FREE. I am here for Help you only.)

  20. Thank you so much for your hard work. I click on ads throughout the day everyday. Could you please fix episode 261. It takes me to episode 260 instead. Thank you!

  21. Thank you for fixing 261. I’m on 269. I look forward to the next chapters . Also helped you out!

  22. Saving Nora is been interesting and captivating. Is a great idea to be emulate for other types of educational books.

  23. I would click every hour or more if we received more then 5 episodes. The episodes are so short that the 5 episodes do not even add up to 1 hour. Would help more if we get more episodes. Would gladly click and click all day. 285+ please.

  24. 301+ plus please. Current 301 points to 300. Please upload 10+ episode. 5 is less then one hour. Will gladly click every hour or more.

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  26. Hello Just finish episode 309
    episode 310 is not working hope you will upload soon this story is the best.. will gladly help you click thanks ❤️

          1. Your web site said that my response was waiting for a moderator, and now it’s gone. WTF?!?

  27. Well, it looks like you used the episode 320 link on episode 324.

    And there is still no sign of episodes 1 – 5, yet you have no problem accepting the clicks. Would you care to say how long before we can expect to see this corrected?

  28. 340+ plus please. I know you are doing this to help us but the chapters are getting shorter and shorter. 5 chapters now is less than 25mins. We really need more episodes a day.

    1. Ok, no issue But i need your more Help. you should Help me by your friends Device also after that i added more than 10 Episodes Daily. Reply Here (if you Hve any doubt, you can ask here)

  29. I stepped away from listening to this book because it was just too frustrating to only get 5 short episodes. Now I came back to see we getting 4.

    I really enjoy the story but I guess I will come back in a month.

    Thanks for what you are doing 419+ And I have clicked your ads 100s of times now.

  30. Episodes from 420-till plz add. Ep420 click up to 50 times but it doesnt came over
    Thank you anyway for perfect job!

  31. I enjoy listening to the audio books, but now that I have access to the web novel too. I can stick to reading the book if you insist on playing games with the uploads. We know you have a lot more and are purposely limiting to make money.

    1. Thanks for all, and if you want “Reading Book” than tell me which which one. i’ll try my best for avail for you people.

      Today no one “Help me” i don’t know why. So please help me by 1click/hrs.

      1. I think you need to be more clear about where to click. I know I clicked on your web site several times. And I just did it here. Where else are we supposed to click?

  32. BTW people. For those of you who are complaining about the length of each chapter, some of them have been written kind of short. I have been reading the net book and have found some chapters are shorter than others, hence the size. Please don’t complain. It simply is what it is.

  33. 435 ep plz add.. Cant sleep without listen 2-3 chapters… Thanx for the perfect job! Helping you as going on..Good night everybody!

  34. Hi there. 444 didn’t get posted. I would have clicked more, but I just woke up.

    Have a good day everyone!

  35. Thank you for your perfect work. Could you please help me with 450ep and after for a fabulous weekend?
    With regards..

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  37. 1634 of bw sheets w Mr Billionaire last click is still 1633…. please fix … u not checking messages in their comment section so came here

  38. No updates for bw Mr billionaire for days… please update w at least 6 new episodes…. also accidental mother last updates are all wrong 1241 plays 1242 then 1242 plays 1240..1243 is correct…

    I kno u work hard but pleadr verify episodes so they are correct and in order

          1. Maam you haven’t uploaded new episodes in days… nothing new after 1639… please upload 5 or 6 new episodes to make up for days w no new episodes

  39. Episode 544 has been replaced with 543. This is even after you make us click 3 times for the same file. You are holding back for extra clicks.

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    Thank you.

  41. Are you able to upload more chapters please.
    Episodes 580-till on Saving Nora.
    This story is really interesting, makes you want to know more .

    1. Read Properly :-

      After Ep-40, You need to Click than open another page, than again click on “Click” after that start Playing. Don’t worry, definitely you will listen all Episodes FREE. I am here for Help you only.

    1. Don’t worry its server issue, i’ll provide you Daily 5 chapters.

      One more question from you and your Groups, please check the story name is : “Rekindled Heartache” and give me your feedback after that i’ll pot it. i ask from my all Listeners.

      If you Like any other also Reply Here.

        1. Do you know from Last 4-5 Day’s only few people are Help me. (I don’t know why they are not Help me ?? You can Help me by your friend’s Device also, and after click you should wait on that page more than 1 minute)

          I requested to all viewers.

    1. Thanks for fixing 853. Can we assume you have stopped posting this series? You have gone from posting 5 episodes, to 1.

      1. I think you should First Recheck in Pocket FM app before any comment Like That (Because If they release only 1 on Daily basis than How can i post 5) Please Reply Here.

  42. They screwed up on episode 862. They changed Anti to Athena for the audio book, but are now back to calling her Anti.

  43. Hi.
    Just to let you know, the button for episodes after 1250 says 1271, not 1251, which is why I didn’t see the next group.

    Next, you are missing episodes 1261 and 1314.

    If you have no one clicking on episodes after 1250, it is probably because people can’t find them.

    Hope that helps.

    1. I don’t know about the other people here, but if you have 4 gaps, there is no point in giving you clicks.

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        Please help me. I am waiting for your reply.

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